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WMILAR, est. 2022


World’s 1st Global Moot Competition & Moot Training Courses on Animal Rights Law

The WMILAR combines traditional aspects of International Law (including but not limited to International Human Rights Law and International Environmental Law) with contemporary issues of animal rights. It does so through a mooting competition aimed at law students, and a 2-pronged training course aimed at law students and law teachers.


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Featured Competition Judges


Animals are sentient beings. It is beyond doubt that many species experience pain and suffering, love and joy.

Yet, animals are subjected to abusive treatment in the form of breeding, capture, captivity, exploitation, and slaughter on a massive scale, often in manners and contexts that would be considered unlawful if done to humans. While human personhood and fundamental rights are widely recognised, protections for animals are far from adequate. In order to successfully issue adequate animal protections, the respective interests of humans, animals, and the planet must be balanced fairly.

Driven by our mission to ensure full recognition and protection for animal personhood and rights, the WMILAR equips future lawyers to effectively advocate for animal interests through an understanding of the intricacies of interdependence, competition, and conflict that exist among the inhabitants of our planet. Without such holistic understanding, solid legal arguments cannot be made and legal battles cannot be won.

The primary objective of the WMILAR is to train future generations of lawyers in animal rights research and advocacy from a globalised perspective.

The secondary objective is to highlight issues of animal rights and their interrelationship with other global concerns such as human rights and environmental protection. This can also help current and future judges get exposed to developing animal rights arguments so they are better prepared to adjudicate when the matters reach their courtrooms.

Third, the WMILAR aims to ensure the unified, rather than fragmented, development of International Animal Rights Law as an emerging field, by bringing together lawyers and law students from across the world to learn from each others’ perspectives and strategies, and engage in meaningful discussions on animal rights.

Finally, the WMILAR aims at capacity-building in regions with underdeveloped or developing mooting cultures and/or Animal Law. We do the former by offering training to law students and coaches, and by encouraging easy access to moot court participation at accessible bases in geo-political regions across the world. And we do the latter by introducing Animal Law everywhere, including places where it is a new discipline, so law students can engage in the debate in the formative stages of their career. 

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Public International Law (General)

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International Human Rights Law

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International Environmental Law

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International Animal Rights Law

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International Economic Law

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On 15 February 2024, we had our WMILAR launch, supported by the Global Research Network!

With an array of impressive speakers such as Peter Singer, Gauri Maulekhi, and Paula Sparks, the WMILAR was officially opened to the public. Ankita, joined by the rest of the WMILAR team, introduced to a great number of viewers what the WMILAR is all about!

On 6 March 2024, “Where We Were, Where We Are”, detailing the WMILAR’s journey, was published in the Helsinki Animal Law Blog.

The blogpost, written by Ankita Shanker, Angie Vega, Dulki Seethawaka, Altamush Saeed, Cheslyn Ceaser, & Michaela Tafani, outlines the WMILAR’s goals and sheds light on just how far it has come in the past years!

On 30 May 2024, the WMILAR is running a mooting workshop at the UK Animal Law Conference in Birmingham.

Director Ankita and members from the Marketing Team, Shreya and Imogen, held talks on Animal Rights Law and mooting in this interactive session.

On 2 June 2024, you can join Laura (of Metta Life) and her special guest, Ankita, as they whip up a tasty and wholesome plant-based meal!

The interactive cooking class, part of a 4-class series run by the talented Laura at Metta Life, raised funds for the WMILAR. The benefits of veganism and animal rights for animal and human persons and the planet were discussed, as were the WMILAR’s vision and mission.

…and Ankita is recording multiple podcasts on incredible platforms… So keep your eyes peeled for those next month!

With podcasters such as Paula Sparks (A-Law), Laura Ausserladscheider Jonas (Metta Life), and Vedanth Naggahalli (Curious Vedanth), Ankita has interesting conversations with people about veganism, animal rights, and the WMILAR’s vision and mission!

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